The (Purity) Ring

I recently watched the premiere of the 13th season of South Park.  Its title is The Ring. Although I love this show, I had never watched this episode. Like most episodes, this episode is full of metaphors and criticism of real stuff in the world.

In this episode, they criticize Disney and how Disney uses sex to attract teenagers’ attention and they work their way around it with their little tricks. Specifically, this episode focuses on Jonah Brothers and their purity rings. Jonah Brothers is a Disney band. It is what is called a boy band. Three attractive dudes with little artistic ability singing about love getting teenager American girls crazy… Disney has been criticized before for selling sex to teenagers. Other Disney Channel celebrities ended up getting a lot of criticism to Disney by their acts considered to be inappropriate by society (pre-marital sex, drugs, alcohol abuse). So, this time, Disney takes matters in hand and makes Jonah Brothers wear purity rings. Rings that symbolizes a vow to abstain from premarital sex. Obviously, Jonah Brothers wearing those rings and advertising their purity and faith makes it justified for Disney to keep selling sex to teenagers.

I watched some youtube videos about the band. Reading the comments below confirmed what the South Park episode claimed. All comments were, most probably, written by teeanger girls and they all went something like “joe looks rly hott in this video.. but hes always hott!” with nicknames like “MegaLove1994”.

Well, don’t take it from me! Take it from the boys in South Park. Watch the episode. And beware of the stuff your daughters watch on TV.

And here is a link for a Jonah Brothers video on youtube.


Christmas and How I Feel About It

A week ago, when I was in the States, my roommate asked me what I felt about Christmas. We were about to watch a Christmas movie and he had apparently felt disturbed by the fact that I was a Muslim and he thought I might not want to watch a film about Christmas. He asked me if I wanted to watch the movie, even though it was about Christmas and then he asked “Do you like Christmas?” Then he paused and asked “Or do you hate Christmas?”

Apparently it had never occured to me until then that I never thought about what I felt about Christmas. Having lived in the United States for a while now, I have seen how people loved Christmas, I have seen the decorations, the lights, the trees and all that other stuff. I always thought positively about all the preparations for the holidays and I thought it made me feel warm inside. However, I had never thought of Christmas being a religious event. Apparently, my roommate did. He considered Christmas as a Christian holiday and thougt that I could hate it because I was a Muslim.

I have been reading about Christmas for a few days now. I have done some reading and found what Christmas actually is. Although most people think of Christmas as a Christian holiday, in fact, it has little to do with Christianity. First of all, Jesus was born nowhere near 25th of December according to the bible. The decorations; the lights and the Christmas tree have absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. They are pagan traditions from Germanic lands. About Santa, well, interestingly he was born in Turkey. And Santa living in the North Pole with elves is only how Coca Cola commercialized Christmas. Yeah.  The whole story is made up. Reindeers, Santa coming down the chimney and everything.

Now that I know all of these, I feel like I actually like Christmas. Not that I would hate it, if it were completely a Christian tradition. But I don’t feel like I am betraying my people and religion, when I feel happy looking at Christmas lights.

P.S.: I was mainly by inspired by Cenk Uygur’s article, when writing this post. So here is the link for that .


Today my friend told me that to get into the football team in highschool, he had to bench as much as he weighed and squat twice his weight. He said there were around forty people in the team and most people could do that.

As a matter of fact, I’d never benched before I started working out this year. So this puts me back about four years in bodybuilding. Well, right now, I can bench around 160 lbs after working out for two months. This is still 25 lbs below my weight and moving up 25 lbs will probably take me another two months.


My first blog post in the U.S. will not be a pleasant one. Just 10 minutes ago, I was the target of some racist talk. Apparently these guys think “now they are the minority in their little white country”. I could not do anything but agree with them. These racists are the minority in the people of United States – hopefully.

That one guy drops his wallet right in front of our desk, as if he was trying to test us. Well my friend, who was having lunch with me kindly warned him and handed him the wallet. What they deserved was a good beating but how would we be any different from them, if we did that. They kept talking about how immigrants steal the jobs of hard-working Americans and so on. We just ignored them and then left.

For the record, if any of these racists should come across this blog post, I would like to make it clear that America would not be what it is now, if it weren’t for the constant inflow of immigrants.

Hello World, Again!

I know that many believe a blog should be comprehensive about one topic and one only. Most people blog about one topic and they stick to it. And I have seen many times that people start a new blog, when they feel they do not have any more to write about.

I have been slow on posting posts lately, not because I did not have anything to  write about but I just did not have the time. I think the excitement of owning a blog and maintaining it is slowly fading away (read: confession). So I have been thinking about how to get all psyched again about writing. One of the things that first comes to mind is start a new blog. Instead of a personal blog this time, maybe I can write about a precise topic.

As I was pondering over this thought, I decided that I liked my blog so much I did not want to quit writing – not yet. To give it a new start, I am posting this post with the title reading the beloved line of programmers, ” Hello World”. The reason I am doing this is, I want to get all excited again about writing. Since I am going to US in a few days, a new start, in English, is not too bad. As I am in US, I am more likely to blog in English and about what happens in US.

So, here we go again…

2 Weeks Over

Cougar Lake

Wow! It has been a bit more than two weeks now, since I started my blog. As I keep on writing, I feel myself getting more comfortable in communicating my thoughts. When I started this blog, I started it for self-satisfaction, mostly. I aimed to please myself by writing those thoughts and idea sparklings, that come and go through my mind everyday. I wanted to keep a record of how my ideas and the way I thought about things around me evolved over the course of time.

Open to public, this personal activity made its way through other people. As I “publicize” my posts on my twitter, I had people “view” my posts. View is the word, WordPress is deliberately using on the stats page on my dashboard. People may view my post, they do not measure if they read it or not. Let alone reading, people may even view it for seconds and not see a word of what I wrote, and there it counts as view. Therefore, pretty much, I still write this blog solely to entertain myself – and a few close friends.

At this point, a bit over two weeks since I started up this blog, I would like to share some statistics of the blog. As I was writing my blog, I could not avoid checking the stats daily. One just gets curious about what others think of him/herself. Looking at my stats was quite an experience for me. So I wanted to share them with you. Especially the weird search items…

Posts: 13

Comments: 0

Site subscriptions: 0 active subscribers

Comment subscriptions: 0 subscribers, 0 subscriptions

341 views all-time

52 views on your busiest day, April 26, 2011

24 views on average

And here are the search items that I find the weirdest:

Search Views
english time tablet pc 6
tablet pc english time 3
turkish armpit hair himym 2
“turkish armpit hair” 2
englısh tıme pc tablet hediye 1
pc tablet english time 1
english time tablet 1
english tme tablet pc 1

These are the top search items that referred to my blog. 6 out of the first 8 are about English Time Language course and the tablet pc they are giving for free. My blog post was not intended to advertise their stupid campaign, but it looks like it served to that purpose – or rather against it.

Here is another one:

nihansu found 1 purple pincer at swirly pier 7 days ago nihansu ispir nihansu captured a level 5 weeplet at warmwood trail and named it uazx 7 days ago furkan kaya furkan found 1 munyu card at west summer road over 10 days ago sinan yaman sinan found 1 meh card at west summer road over 10 days ago sinan yaman sinan found 1 weeplet card at west summer road over 10 days ago resul Ünsal resul found 1 easter egg at spiral cave over 10 days ago resul Ünsal resul captured a level 5 peascorp at darkwood over 10 days ago resul Ünsal resul captured a level 5 trolo at shadowmire bulwark over 10 days ago resul Ünsal resul captured a level 5 nar at mega hole over 10 days ago resul Ünsal resul captured a level 5 colibri at miasma depths over 10 days ago

Supposedly, the one above was searched on Google and Google showed my blog in the search results. And that person viewed my blog. I guess it is just a bug.

About the photo, it is the original of the one in my background. It is a view of Cougar Lake in Edwardsville, IL, when it was deep frozen in winter. The background photo was cropped out of that one and underwent some tone changes.

Turkish Armpit Hair

Ted:   You’re, you’re just like those internet swindlers who tricked him into paying 300 bucks for a lock of Sasquatch fur.

Zoey:  You cannot compare the Arcadian to ziploc bag of Turkish armpit hair.

This was in 6x22nd episode of the popular TV series, How I met Your Mother. For some reason, they had to include this racist reference in the conversation between Zoey and Ted of the series. Zoey compares Turkish armpit hair to a lock of Sasquatch fur (Sasquatch is an bear-like animal resembling human form believed to exist, bigfoot). Put it in another way, Zoey compares Turkish people to bear-like underevolved human forms. Surprised and outraged by this racist reference (given that I am Turkish), I did a little Google search on the expression “Turkish armpit hair”. Google came up with nothing of significance, so I tried other combinations, Turkish armpit, armpit hair, etc.

Then I asked a couple of American friends about the expression. They were both puzzled and told me they heard nothing about such an expression. Therefore, I was positive that this expression did not exist and the script writers in HIMYM’s staff made it up. Next thing I did was trying to find a reason why they would do such a thing.

I did a little research on the web. I came up with this:

On the 3x3rd episode, there was a phone conversation between Robin and Lily, which also included a coffee reference, as well as the condemnation of hairy Turkish lesbians:
Robin: Lily, I have pounded three cappuccinos waiting for you. Pretty soon I won’t have to shave, the hair is going to vibrate off my legs.
Lily: Sorry, I can’t leave now.
Robin: Lily, he can’t see my legs like this. I look like a Turkish lesbian!
This made things really weirder. For some reason, the script writers of HIMYM are obsessed with Turkish body hair?!

About Turkish body hair, most Turkish men do shave their armpit hair. This behaviour originates from Islam’s hygienic concerns. It is not a must, however, most people do abide by it. About Turkish lesbians, personally, I never saw one. If I had seen one, I would not know if they shaved or waxed and how frequently. Older and more traditional Turkish women wax, younger women shave, just like how it is done all around the world. The point is, how did HIMYM script writers come up with such a meaningless and offensive line (Sasquatch line)?