The (Purity) Ring

I recently watched the premiere of the 13th season of South Park.  Its title is The Ring. Although I love this show, I had never watched this episode. Like most episodes, this episode is full of metaphors and criticism of real stuff in the world.

In this episode, they criticize Disney and how Disney uses sex to attract teenagers’ attention and they work their way around it with their little tricks. Specifically, this episode focuses on Jonah Brothers and their purity rings. Jonah Brothers is a Disney band. It is what is called a boy band. Three attractive dudes with little artistic ability singing about love getting teenager American girls crazy… Disney has been criticized before for selling sex to teenagers. Other Disney Channel celebrities ended up getting a lot of criticism to Disney by their acts considered to be inappropriate by society (pre-marital sex, drugs, alcohol abuse). So, this time, Disney takes matters in hand and makes Jonah Brothers wear purity rings. Rings that symbolizes a vow to abstain from premarital sex. Obviously, Jonah Brothers wearing those rings and advertising their purity and faith makes it justified for Disney to keep selling sex to teenagers.

I watched some youtube videos about the band. Reading the comments below confirmed what the South Park episode claimed. All comments were, most probably, written by teeanger girls and they all went something like “joe looks rly hott in this video.. but hes always hott!” with nicknames like “MegaLove1994”.

Well, don’t take it from me! Take it from the boys in South Park. Watch the episode. And beware of the stuff your daughters watch on TV.

And here is a link for a Jonah Brothers video on youtube.

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