Christmas and How I Feel About It

A week ago, when I was in the States, my roommate asked me what I felt about Christmas. We were about to watch a Christmas movie and he had apparently felt disturbed by the fact that I was a Muslim and he thought I might not want to watch a film about Christmas. He asked me if I wanted to watch the movie, even though it was about Christmas and then he asked “Do you like Christmas?” Then he paused and asked “Or do you hate Christmas?”

Apparently it had never occured to me until then that I never thought about what I felt about Christmas. Having lived in the United States for a while now, I have seen how people loved Christmas, I have seen the decorations, the lights, the trees and all that other stuff. I always thought positively about all the preparations for the holidays and I thought it made me feel warm inside. However, I had never thought of Christmas being a religious event. Apparently, my roommate did. He considered Christmas as a Christian holiday and thougt that I could hate it because I was a Muslim.

I have been reading about Christmas for a few days now. I have done some reading and found what Christmas actually is. Although most people think of Christmas as a Christian holiday, in fact, it has little to do with Christianity. First of all, Jesus was born nowhere near 25th of December according to the bible. The decorations; the lights and the Christmas tree have absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. They are pagan traditions from Germanic lands. About Santa, well, interestingly he was born in Turkey. And Santa living in the North Pole with elves is only how Coca Cola commercialized Christmas. Yeah.  The whole story is made up. Reindeers, Santa coming down the chimney and everything.

Now that I know all of these, I feel like I actually like Christmas. Not that I would hate it, if it were completely a Christian tradition. But I don’t feel like I am betraying my people and religion, when I feel happy looking at Christmas lights.

P.S.: I was mainly by inspired by Cenk Uygur’s article, when writing this post. So here is the link for that .


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